Reflection of Artifact 1

This page contains my reflection of the various artifacts added to this blog. My reflection will be based on the STAR-L format as recommended by Ms Putri in her blog here.

Please click here to view Artifact 1.

This particular artifact is where it all began. It made me think of how blogs are able to facilitate learning.

The question posted my the facilitator sets the situation of my learning experience. The question needed some research and knowledge about tools used to support learning, its relevance and also the learning theories that support the use of the specified tool in which I have chose weblogs or simply blogs.

The tasks required for Artifact 1 is as follows:
1. Find a tool or resource that support learning.
2. Justify the relevance of the tool according to the related learning theories.
3. Apply what I have learnt about the tool and learning theories in terms of its usage in various learning environments.

I did some researching on the tools used to facilitate learning based on the course blog. I was fascinated with the idea behind the course blog and decided to research on it as a tool to facilitate learning. My initial perception of blogs is that it is a journal that contains a bloggers' personal views and thoughts in the form. I never imagined that blogs can be used to teach.

As I began to relate blogs to learning theories, I came to understand that there is actually a learning theory that can justify the use of blogs in terms of "collaborative learning".

As a result of this experience, I am able to relate and justify the use of blogs as a learning tool in terms of the constructivism and connectivism learning theories. I have acquired the ability to relate and reflect on the use of blogs as a Web 2.0 tool to facilitate learning. Furthermore, this task actually helped me to create my first blog where I review and share my hobby as a toy collector with other bloggers around the globe.


  1. Dear Khoo (Reno)

    The STAR-L style gives your reflections a more organized look. However, I was wondering if you could present to us your actual artifact 1.

    The most interesting part is that you took the assignment to heart and set out to understand the blog as a means to support teaching and learning completely; trying to uncover the learning theories behind it. Besides, it is good to learn that you took the opportunity to learn from Dr Zoraini’s blog that she made for our HMLT 5203 course. It was your interest, motivation, clear understanding of the task and hard work that led you to make your own blog, I have visited it with delight and enjoyed reading your reviews on the fine details of your toy collection. I am truly glad to learn that the task required for artifact 1 has enriched your world and also given you the opportunity to carry out a research project on the use of blogs as a learning tool. It is indeed a good learning experience for you.


  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your insightful comments. Artifact 1 is my concept of blogging and learning itself i.e., in the form of a reply to the questions posted by our facilitators for HMLT 5203 previously. It is posted in my home page here:

  3. Hmmm... I suppose I'll embed a link to redirect readers to Artifact 1.

    Thanks again Sarah. ^^

  4. Hi Khoo
    I like your blog template (which I have also borrowed to use for mine). I also appreciate your discussion on the benefits of using blogs for learning, which tends to be more appealing than perhaps a structured LMS, an excellent example of a Web 2.0 learning tool. Even though I am of the old school, I concur that our students will tend to prefer learning through blogs. May I share a link to your blog with colleagues to also benefit from the rationale behind blogs in teaching and learning, as well as a case in point for the 'collaborative learning' benefit that you mention?

  5. Hi Thula,

    Thank you for the compliment and yes, you may share my link.

  6. Hi..wish you could provide info how YOU applied the use of blogs for teaching and learning.

  7. Hi Ms Putri,

    The pedagogy behind the use of blogs in teaching and learning is discussed in my reflection of Artifact 4 of my e-portfolio.