Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Artifact 5: The One About Instructional Design and the Human Touch

Now, let us move on to the "humanistic" aspect of instructional design. Artifact 5 taken from the course HMHP 5903 Human Performance Technology  shares some light on how the element of instructional design affects human performance. Human Performance Technology (HPT) comprises the step-by-step processes to identify the performance problem such as organisational analysis, environment analysis, gap analysis. It is reflective of the systematic processes of instructional design as in analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. Moreover, the human performance technology model also depicts how a performance problem can be thoughtfully analysed by considering various factors in analyses in order to develop a holistic, effective and efficient solution to resolve a problem. As seen in Artifact 5, I analysed the performance problem in the context of my work as a publishing executive. In Artifact 5, I highlighted the development of CD-ROM materials that overlaps with the course development process which is the performance problem. Kindly click here to view Artifact 5(a). I also came up with the performance intervention to deal with the issues highlighted in Artifact 5(a). Kindly click here to view Artifact 5(b) on performance intervention. Also, click here to read my reflection of Artifact 5.

Artifact 4: The One About Knowledge Creation via Networking

Artifact 4 presents an overview of the pedagogy of e-learning in terms of the formation of community of practice, networked learning and connectivism. This artifact is my position paper submitted for HMLC 5303 Learning Communities and Socio Pedagogical Networks. My position paper focuses on demonstrating an understanding of community of practice, networked learning and connectivism based on my own learning experience and at the same time highlighting the similarities and differences between these learning theories. Please click here to view my position paper and here to read my reflection of Artifact 4.

Artifact 3: The One About Trends and Issues in Instructional Technology

My theme for Artifact 3 is taken from this course HMID 6303 Current Trends & Issues in Instructional Technology. This course is very interesting in the sense that I got the opportunity to discuss recent trends and issues in instructional technology which also shed some light onto serious concerns pertaining to the adverse effects of technology. In essence, it all boils down on to how humans use technology to learn and expand their knowledge and how to harness the best of technology ethically. Besides that, this course also helped me structure my research project in terms of recognising the function and contribution of free Web technologies in education. Kindly click here to access my presentation for Artifact 3.